Huntington Middle School

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Mrs. Courtney Mompoint
Mrs. Courtney Mompoint
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Mr. Jake Wilson

Assistant Principal for 7th Grade


Welcome to Viking Territory!

Please click here to take a moment to learn about our history. From this history, you can see that we have been loyal to the educational needs of our community for quite some time!

Huntington honors its heritage and longstanding commitment to the community of providing a safe and orderly environment in which our students can achieve their greatest potential. Indeed, there have been and will continue to be many outstanding Huntington Viking alumni who are enjoying successful and fruitful careers.

Our learning environment is enriched through our mentorship programs which includes Langley Air Force Base Air Force 1 volunteers, Delta Sigma Theta's Delta Academy, Northrop-Grumman Shipbuilding TaToo volunteers, and the STARs sponsorship program by the Spiegel mail order company. In fact, I would ask you to take but a moment to select the GEAR UP Link that is on our home page. The link contains access to some absolutely wonderful information you can discuss with your student or perhaps pass along to others as well.

From such a diverse and talented collection of mentors coupled with a very talented and motivated instructional staff, our students receive first hand experiences that will prepare them for success in the 21st Century. Huntington Vikings are provided educational preparations for future careers, academic success in the basic core subject areas, true life experiences in community involvement, essential skills and habits training and last, but not least, career pathway mentoring tailored to each student's specific needs and aspirations.

Just as the Vikings did in their travels, using many different hands for one single purpose, so do we. Our commitment this school year is to operate as one single body, achieving and doing more than we have ever done before!

Welcome to Huntington! Come by for a visit anytime and check our web page often! Should you need to contact us or leave a message, please e-mail or call (757) 928-6846.


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